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Intro to Business Owners Policies

One of the types of insurance policies Lockton Professional offers that is handy for the majority of CPAs, RIAs, attorneys and other professionals with small to medium-sized businesses is a Business Owners Policy (BOP). These policies represent several types of …Read More

What Are ERISA Bonds?

Lockton Professional offers Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) bonds for RIAs and other financial professionals. But do you know their history and purpose? The Employment Retirement Income Security Act is a federal law that dates back to 1974. It …Read More

What Is Considered Sensitive Client Data?

When discussing the need for Cyber Liability Insurance coverage, the focus is on the legal notification requirements and costs involved in breaches of “sensitive personally identifiable information.” But what’s the actual definition of that data? The answer to that varies …Read More

Cyber Security Regulation Increasing

The potential vulnerability of your company’s data is reason enough to invest in strong security protocols, technology and cyber liability coverage, but now the U.S. government is getting increasingly involved in regulating data security and privacy. This means that in …Read More