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Cyber security, The IRS and how you can protect yourself.

Article on cyber security, The IRS and how you can protect yourself

Last May the IRS suffered a data security breach with over 300,000 U.S. taxpayers being victims of data hackers. Some of them were most likely your clients. In a statement, the tax collection agency said they “believed some of the information may have been gathered for potentially filing fraudulent tax returns during the upcoming 2016 filing season.” This is just one example, and quite a large one, of why having Cyber Liability Insurance is so important. At Lockton Professional we offer two competitively priced options to safeguard yourself from cyber crime:

Option 1 – Affordable Professional Liability policy endorsement which adds a $100,000 limit for Cyber Liability coverage to your existing Professional Liability policy.

Option 2 – Stan-alone Cyber Liability Insurance policy that works in tandem with your Professional Liability Insurance policy and offers first-party coverage with a $1 million limit.

Policies are available for as low as $300 per year. Plus, coverage includes risk and claims management services to help you prevent and recover from cyber attacks, such as the one the IRS suffered. Protect yourself and your business. It’s important. Learn more at http://locktonprofessionalinsurance.com/professions/accountants/.