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How secure is your company’s data

Cyber Security is a growing concern for large and small businesses alike. As more and more company and client information is stored digitally, it is critical to protect that data. And if you store Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as Social Security Numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers and more, you are more at risk for cyber-attacks.

Just like referencing a checklist each time you screen potential clients, it’s a good idea to check a data security checklist frequently. Consider these questions when evaluating your company’s security:

Questions to Ask about your Company’s Data Security

  • What data security policies are in place? Make a list of the data security policies your company has in place. Evaluate the list. How effective are your policies? What can be improved?
  • Are these policies in writing and enforced? Share your policies with employees and clients annually. Conduct regular checks and trainings to ensure employees understand the importance of security.
  • Are passwords and encryption used correctly? If your company allows employees devices, these actions must be taken. Passwords should be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and changed frequently. Consider using simple file, email, and full-disk encryption methodology.
  • Is data backed up on a regular basis? Saved and archived data should be backed up regularly. Essentials records may need to be backed up daily, while less important records can be saved on a biweekly basis. Computer system backups can occur weekly.
  • What is our emergency response plan? Is your company prepared if a breach occurs? Implement a plan and appoint a designated employee to notify your attorney, agent and law enforcement.

For a full list of questions to evaluate your business’ security, download Lockton Professional’s free Data Security Checklist.

It never hurts to protect your business beyond an extensive data security plan. Learn how Cyber Liability Insurance can help protect you and your firm today.

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